Jeremiah's work explores portraiture, focusing on the head as a vessel of our psyche, rather than the face. Almost from birth, babies are able to identify familiar faces and mimic emotions. Disgust, love, lust and fear can all be triggered within a millisecond of looking at a face. As we gaze upon faces, our personal history governs our perception. Heads, on the other hand, are more like biological brick and mortar, containing our psyche. These works are more about animality rather than humanity. 

Jeremiah arrived at portraiture after years of painting television stills, video game screenshots, and other detritus from contemporary culture. He then began exploring profile pics and facial recognition software. The detachment in which a computer sees the human face, in contrast to his organic interpretations, is omnipresent within these works. 

Jeremiah alternates between regulation and lawlessness in his approach to each work, trying to eliminate structure in some, while trying to add it in others. Lately the portraits have begun to emerge in landscapes and interiors. In this context, they become like characters presenting themselves in familiar environments, as opposed to the formality associated with portraiture.




Lyme Academy of Fine Arts (Old Lyme Connecticut)
Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, Scotland)
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Jeremiah is a Principle Lecturer at Prague College where he leads the studio production module of the BA year of the Fine Art Experimental Media program. He also tutors in numerous classes including Engaging with Art, Drawing, Final Major Project (Foundation), and Personal Experimental Studies (Foundation).


2016 - Mixed Messages - French Institute - Prague, Czech Republic 

2015 - Represented by Giampietro Gallery - New Haven, CT. USA

2014 - Pompidou Metz - France
            Musee de l'Elysee - Switzerland
            Schirn Kunsthalle - Frankfurt, Germany

2013- Present - Jeremiah established Bliss Farm, a storefront studio in Prague, Czech Republic.

2008 - Styx Project Space - Berlin, Germany - Curated by Michael Rade

2007 - Utopia Gallery - Prague, Czech Republic - Curated by Jakub Hosek

2006 - Proces International Symposium - Prague, Cz - Curated by Mark Divo

2004 - NoD Experimental Space - Prague, Cz - Curated by Rene Rohan

2003 - Meduza Gallery - Prague, Cz

2002 - Art One Gallery - Scottsdale, Arizona. USA


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